Nov 13, 2020

NYC: For refusing to #FreeHappy the Bronx Zoo has only itself to blame | Nonhuman Rights Project

Image source Nonhuman Rights Project

Please view the latest story re Happy the captive #Elephant - I signed the action alert letter to the Bronx Zoo CEO as suggested in the update.

"After almost a lifetime in captivity, fourteen years of which she has been forced to live alone, 49-year-old Happy deserves to be freed from her imprisonment at the Bronx Zoo and sent to an elephant sanctuary.

Science and human experience make clear that elephants are autonomous animals. They are cognitively, emotionally, and socially complex beings who have the capacity to exercise free will and make choices about how to spend their days and live their lives, just as human beings do. Forcing an elephant like Happy to live alone in a small unnatural environment, where she is prevented from exercising free will and engaging in her innate behaviors, causes physical and emotional suffering.

It's time for the Bronx Zoo to send Happy to an elephant sanctuary where she can live freely with other elephants in an environment that is similar to her natural habitat.


Please urge Cristián Samper, President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society, to send Happy to an elephant sanctuary."

 Per Courtney Fern at Nonhuman Rights Project, here are a few more important actions you can take to help Happy:

  • Sign this petition which calls for Happy's release to a sanctuary.
  • Tweet for HappyClick here to learn more about the #FreeHappy Twitter campaign and see sample tweets and graphics you can use.
  • Share this alert with your friends and family and let them know why this cause matters to you.