Feb 18, 2021

Anywhere: An Emergency appeal for primates in Texas

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From: Kenneth Kandaras, NAVS <navs@navs.org>
Date: Wed, Feb 17, 2021, 8:59 AM
Subject: An Emergency appeal for primates in Texas

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Sanctuary Animals in Texas Need Your Help Today

Dear Liz,

The stories out of Texas are heartbreaking. The weather conditions and subsequent electrical grid failure are wreaking havoc across the state, causing untold fatalities, along with human and animal suffering. We have now learned of a new group of victims.

A catastrophic power failure at Primarily Primates, a sanctuary in San Antonio, that is home to hundreds of nonhuman primates, has led to the tragic death of numerous monkeys, lemurs and other animals who call the sanctuary their home.

Over the years, NAVS has proudly assisted Primarily Primates with the transport, habitat needs and care of primates who had previously lived their lives in laboratories.

Right now, the animals at Primarily Primates need our help more than ever.

As the staff work to simultaneously relocate animals and acquire power sources and other equipment, many of the sanctuary's residents—including many former research chimpanzees—are not able to be transported.

NAVS is preparing a grant for Primarily Primates TODAY. The money will go directly toward:

  • purchasing essential equipment and provisions for the animals, including lights and blankets;
  • providing generators, propane tanks and other portable power sources that are needed to keep the animals who cannot be moved alive in the sub-freezing temperatures; and
  • assisting Primarily Primates with further unanticipated costs associated with this tragedy.

Your gift of any size will help fund this emergency Sanctuary Fund grant—it will directly aid the animals at Primarily Primates and will help prevent the loss of further animals' lives.

Thank you for your help.



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Kenneth Kandaras
Executive Director

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