Jun 24, 2021

#Abbotsford #BritishColumbia #Canada above Sumas River: SOS #Peregrinefalcon parents and two newborn chicks in peril

Peregrine adult and two chicks as seen by Kate Paton 6/23/21
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#Abbotsford ​#BritishColumbia #Canada above the Sumas River: Partial Victory for #PeregrineFalcon family, a protected species. Please keep the pressure on to cancel the blasts altogether. Legislation exists to be followed! I signed the Change.org petition. Anyone can sign, contact media, friends, NGOs and please do continue pressure on the government officials and mining company to cease their non-compliance and get with nature. Here are links to experts and some details on the issue. Please share vigorously and advocate for wildlife and habitat, especially for species already protected by legislation!

June 22, 2021 update by Dawn Walker on Change.org petition

Petition update Partial victory re petition "Mountainside Quarries STOP work/blasting until the Peregrine Falcon Chicks leave the Nest!"

Christian Sasse is an expert in many fields and hosts the Raptor Resource forum

Another view of blast broadcast by Christian Sasse:


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Wildlife Advocate Kate Paton describes events of 5/18 and 6/22 on Youtube

Mine blast 💥explosion 💥Friday 18 June 2021This is what Kate writes in her description at above link:
Friday 18 June 2021 and I went back out to Abbotsford as I was notified by other concerned naturalists and birders that a Mine blast was scheduled for Friday afternoon. Here is my video. I narrate what is going on. This should not be happening - peregrine falcons are protected by law - but the Mine has full permission from the BC Government to go ahead. No buffer zone - no nets - no mats. This is an abomination Despite thousands of signatures in the petition to save the site, hundreds of letters of support to the court of appeals - total disregard by the BC Govt. Remember this next election please - British Columbia and Canada should be ashamed! Our BC wildlife Act section 34 is meant to protect peregrine falcons. Please like, (even though it’s hard to watch) please comment, share with as many people as you can and subscribe.

Tuesday June 22, 2021
Another blast was permitted supposedly for safety reasons

Very important!
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Please see clear, comprehensive info at Save Peregrine Falcons and Cliff Swallows at Quadling Quarry website including news coverage and contact info for provincial and city officials: