Nov 29, 2021

#Canada : Floods leave thousands of farm animals dead and more trapped

Thanks to Karen Arnold for image

The following Guardian article from Nov 18 contains more details and hyperlinks than I typically found in my searching. is one of my favorite news sources.  Flooding occurred (is occurring) in Whatcom County too. It is the northernmost county on the west coast of USA. I worry about the added effects of the three atmospheric rivers that are following the devastating one that happened around November 15th.  Governmental and for-profit media obviously (hopefully) cover human health, homes, businesses, infrastructure and so on very well. One would expect easy access to news of the human conditions and economics of the floods. 

For my own ease of reference, I made two spots on the internet entitled "Salmon Nation Flood 2021" because if I wanted to locate helpful reports again, this helps.  I made them public while I was at it. Besides the specific videos and reports, it might give you some ideas of who and/or what organizations to check in on for good coverage. Sumas Lake was historically located in the area and was drained for agricultural type businesses; in addition to my interest in animal welfare I might peg a few articles on how we historically got ourselves into this enormous mess. 


I welcome any tips - about animal rescue in regard to the emergency in this part of the world - from internet-skilled animal welfare enthusiasts. We cannot bring back the dead but we can strive to help any surviving "livestock" and wildlife, plus plan for the future.  By the way, the Washington State department of Ecology posted a few weeks ago that there are Floodplains by Design grants available: