Dec 30, 2021

Global: Not every ecosystem is the same

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Date: Thu, Dec 30, 2021, 9:47 AM
Subject: Not every ecosystem is the same.


We often talk about reducing fossil fuel pollution as the number one way we can fight climate change. But focusing on only one solution won't solve the global problem we face.

We must practice responsible stewardship for the entire planet as if it were one living ecosystem. Climate impacts are local, so the solutions must be local too. We have to target our efforts based on the region itself, and its ecosystems. Not every ecosystem is the same.

After all, what's good for Greenland may not be best for Manhattan.

The atmospheric rise of carbon dioxide, measured in parts per million, makes for a compelling hockey stick graph that matches the rise of the industrial revolution, and the tarmacking and desertification of the land. But carbon dioxide isn't the only greenhouse gas wreaking havoc on our planet. Water vapor is a much larger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, by one thousand times.

While the focus has largely been on fossil fuel burning, we could better meet the global challenge against climate change if we match our focus on restoring the hydrologic water cycles in the Ocean.

Make no mistake: The climate crisis worsens the more we destroy and separate from nature.

As we head into the new year, let's recommit ourselves to restoring life to both land and sea, to the watersheds, and to the freshwater and saltwater continuum. Only then can we experience less extremes in the weather and improvements to the climate.

The learning curve is steep given the complexity of each ecosystem. If we act locally to improve the global wellness of the planet, we can help stem the tide of climate change.


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