Apr 22, 2022

Event- Pittsfield Cell Tower Order

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Register For Our LIVE Event: A Conversation With Pittsfield Families About the Emergency Cease and Desist for Verizon Cell Tower by the Pittsfield Board of Health 

Soon after a large cell tower was powered up in the City of Pittsfield Massachusetts, residents living near the tower reported health issues. They took the issue to the Board of Health. The Board investigated the issue for over a year and determined that there was credible evidence that the radiation emission from the cell tower was linked to the health effects in the residents. 

Join us for a live conversation with several Pittsfield residents to discuss the order and next steps for the community. We will record the event.

Event: The Pittsfield MA Cell Tower Order 
Time: Thursday at 10 a.m Eastern
Newly Published Science From the Environment and Cancer Foundation
The study "Measurements of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including 5G, in the city of Columbia, South Carolina, USA" published in the World Academy of Sciences Journal found the high RF exposure readings were registered close to cell phone base station antennas mounted on top of utility poles, street lamps or traffic lights. 

The study "Very high radiofrequency radiation at Skeppsbron in Stockholm, Sweden from mobile phone base station antennas positioned close to pedestrians' heads" published in Environmental Research concluded that "antennas should be positioned as far as possible from the general public." 

The study Electromagnetic hypersensitivity close to mobile phone base stations – a case study in Stockholm, Sweden published in Reviews on Environmental Health presented the case of a woman who developed a series of health problems after moving to an office with high EMF exposure. The symptoms were compared with published scientific studies showing detrimental effects from EMFs on humans, animals and biological material.
In the News
The Financial Risk of 5G Small Cells
Property values, shareholder warnings and health issues are featured in this article.

"Increasing numbers of people don't want to live near cell towers. In some areas with new towers, property values have decreased by up to 20%."

"The proliferation of 5G and wireless technology has arrived, and it's on a telephone pole close to you."

Did You Know?
The U.S. Department of Labor Lists the EMF Medical Conference
The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy has issued guidelines for accommodations of electromagnetic sensitivity (AKA microwave illness) though the Job Accommodations Network. The EMF Medical Conference 2021 is posted as a top resource on the webpage. See the resource here. 

  • The EMF 2021 Medical Conference is available for online Continuing Medical Education/CE credits for licensed health practitioners through 2023.

New Resources
Book: Frequencies used in Telecommunications An Integrated Radiobiological Assessment

The ORSAA team has translated an important book by Professor Yuri G. Grigoriev PhD 1925-2021 Chief Scientific Officer, Laboratory of Radiobiology and Hygiene of Non-Ionizing Radiation, Russia Federal Medical Biological Agency. ORSAA has made this book available for free download. You can donate or become a supporter by joining ORSAA. (Fill in application form

White Paper: Canada Laws Should Address Wireless Environmental Effects 

Prevent Cancer Now and Canadians for Safe Technology have released a science based report on the need for Canada's environmental laws to address radio frequency radiation. 
Guide: Stop Wireless 5G Until Health Canada's Safety Code 6 Is Fixed

Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada and Canadians for Safe Technology has released a science based report how to stop 5G until the inadequate federal limits are strengthened to protect the public.
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What has EHT been doing this month? 

  • Dr. Devra Davis was interviewed by NBC's Dee Armstrong. 
  • EHT submitted comments to the EPA regarding the environmental justice issues of 5G and wireless networks. 
  • EHT submitted even more published science to the FCC regarding wireless radiation.   
  • EHT testified to local officials in Los Angeles and Novato California as well as Ithaca, New York. 
  • EHT presented to community groups in Connecticut and Maryland. 
  • EHT is preparing new White Papers on the Myths of 5G and Equity.
  • EHT is raising awareness with State PTA's and Health departments on the issue of wireless and children's health.

If you would like EHT to present in your community or to your policymakers please contact us at info@ehtrust.org
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