Jun 9, 2022

Poison Hemlock

June 7, 2022 poison hemlock along a city Right-of-Way. 
image: liz marshall

Stay away from poison hemlock as it may cause skin rashes to people and dogs. Of course nobody should ingest it because it could make a mammal very sick or die. If you are unsure whether a patch is poison hemlock or other plant, you could call your local Master Gardener or state university extension or Noxious Weed board to request their help in identifying.

Following is a helpful article with lots of photos and description of poison hemlock:
Plant Poison Hemlock by Black Elk Park II (formerly Quail Hollow Park) Omaha, NE in Plants of the Park | Plants Map

Here is a photo from June 6, 2019 looking down onto private land from the
 South Bay Trail trestle in Bellingham WA. It is said to be "as high as a deer's eye."