Jan 9, 2023

Global: Dangerous link between EMF/5G and lower IQ in kids… [Shocking!]

I am a long-time subscriber to Dr. Justin Marchegiani's newsletter and he frequently offers instructive podcasts. I have also been following Nick Pineault's publications. One shocking excerpt from this emailšŸ˜Ø:
"Up to 75% of 4 year olds own their own cell phone! (American Academy of Pediatrics survey in Philadelphia)"

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Subject: Dangerous link between EMF/5G and lower IQ in kids… [Shocking!]

Hey Liz,

My friend Nick Pineault just shared some shocking new research indicating long term mobile phone use, especially among children, is actually shrinking the cerebral cortex, which is related to intelligence...

…like in a person who is addicted to drugs!

Unfortunately, that's not the worst of it either. Did you know…

Children absorb twice as much radiation as adults, pound per pound. Their bone marrow absorbs up to 10 TIMES more radiation (researcher Om P. Gandhi)

Up to 75% of 4 year olds own their own cell phone! (American Academy of Pediatrics survey in Philadelphia)

This is the first generation of children ever exposed to these levels of EMFs, cradle to grave - including the new, more powerful 5G networks.

This is just one of the many shocking health conditions that is being caused by EMF pollution and chronic exposure to 5G and other sources of wireless such as routers and Bluetooth-enabled ear buds.

Far beyond the 5G cell tower issues that many governments and cellular companies are suppressing, this new research is being released as part of Nick's new EMF Hazards Summit.

18 world renowned researchers, scientists and medical professionals are pulling back the curtain on the new health dangers now being linked to EMF exposure.

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Yours in Health,
Dr. Justin Marchegiani

P.S. In addition to sharing what the world needs to know now, Nick will also tell you EXACTLY what to do to protect yourself and family about this new "invisible" toxin and possibly even reverse the damage it may have caused.

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