May 24, 2013

Arctic: What will happen when Harper takes control of the Arctic?

From: Greenpeace Canada - Christy Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, May 15, 2013 at 8:51 AM
Subject: What will happen when Harper takes control of the Arctic?

Tell Stephen Harper: No Arctic Oil
Today, Canada is taking over as Chair of the Arctic Council. This is terrible news for wildlife and communities of the Arctic--we need to take action right away.
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As you and I have seen, Prime Minister Harper will do anything it takes to accelerate oil development: muzzle scientists, gut environmental regulations and deny Indigenous rights. Now, as Chair of the Arctic Council, the Harper government wants to give the oil industry a louder voice in the future of the Arctic.
The Harper government claims it's doing this in the name of the people of the North. But things aren't that simple. Just this week, Indigenous groups from every Arctic state signed a statement calling for a ban on offshore drilling in the Arctic. It appears that once again the Harper government is trying to accelerate oil development at any cost.
Let's stop oil spills before they start - tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper that Arctic oil drilling must not happen
Earlier this year with your help, over 750,000 people sent letters to US President Barack Obama, asking him to ban Shell from drilling in the Arctic forever. Shell cancelled their plans for 2013 and backed away. Now, the world is turning its attention to Canada, as new Chair of the Arctic Council.
The Arctic Council is an international forum set up to ensure the health and sustainability of the Arctic region. That means Prime Minister Stephen Harper has the power to protect wildlife and Arctic communities by preventing Arctic oil spills from happening before they start.
Tell Prime Minister Harper to put people and the environment ahead of oil companies. Take action today and join the campaign to protect the Arctic.
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In solidarity,

Christy Ferguson

Christy Ferguson
Arctic Project Leader
Greenpeace Canada