Sep 29, 2013

Anywhere: Students' Reactions to Reporters' Ridicule

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Date: Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 9:53 AM
Subject: Students' Reactions to Reporters' Ridicule

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Students React to Reporters' Ridicule

("My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" is a registered trademark of Hasbro)
(Source: My Brittle Pony)
Earlier this year, The Huffington Post did an article on "My Brittle Pony". After some of our youth recently watched the video, they are horrified. Information we found about the company is equally disturbing, as they seem to enjoy posting and making fun of American horses and the people who love them. We are disappointed that a trusted news organization would perpetuate the "bully" behavior of this meat company, who seems to enjoy inflaming people who love horses - especially children. Here's what our kids had to say after the "report."
Amber Neuhauser, age 17, said: I have seen some really stomach crunching things in my life. But nothing has come close to what I experienced when I watched the Huffington Post video of people eating "horse jerky". My stomach twisted inside me, and I felt like the blood in my body drained out of me. I strongly feel this is un-American of them, eating their own country's horses. Horses in the United States are raised as companions and sport animals, not for human consumption.
The day after I had watched this video, I had graciously asked a friend, Olivia, to view the video and tell me her opinion on it. Her face had turned pale as a ghost, and she had the same opinion say I.
Nola, age 12, said: That advertisement made me sick! I don't even feel like eating. They are going to bring back horse meatballs?! What if children accidentally eat horsemeat? If there is an exotic meat company in Scotland – who knows what else they are killing and eating?!
I am afraid why my little brother even watched that! He shouldn't have watched it. If the others were here I think they would be speechless! I am going to tell the whole thing (to my friends) and probably show them the video.
Nola's brother ,age 5, broke into tears when asked what he thought about the report he watched.
Candace ,age 12, said: It was awful! It's awful that horses are being killed. My little sisters they love My Little Pony and I used to watch it too and I am not afraid to tell people that I like it too!
Did you see Nola's brother cry? He was upset by what he saw. Do you want your kids to do that?
If you ate horse meat than you might have a disease from it you just might not know it yet. Would you want to eat animals that have diseases? We can eat fruit. We can eat different things than animals.
Robin ,age 12, said: That was very cruel the way they made the horse the spokesperson for that. (What happened to Nola's brother) could happen to every single kid. No matter how young you are you can understand those words (they said on the report).
As long as kids are here – those horses aren't going to be in anything (like meatballs). Let freedom ring for the horses! Not just for us - for them! Together we can save them!
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(Graphic by Robin Warren © 2011)
Many of you have already signed the "No Horse Meat" petition and we thank you! Please share it with your friends again. We must stop horse meat sales in America.
Thank you for your support and thank you for everyone who participated in our dollar drive. It's not too late to give $1 today to help these kids continue their mission of saving horses!
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