Sep 27, 2013

South Africa: Springbok (antelope-gazelle) and other species taken for human consumption locally and internationally

Collage including photo of "biltong" which means air-dried strips of meat, i.e., jerky
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There are huge problems with many ramifications in regard to animals being taken from the wild and sold locally and internationally.

Wall Street Journal post shows Springbok (antelope-gazelle) meat allegedly taken from South Africa to China for the Harvard-educated Bo Guagua who is the son of a formerly high-profile Chinese politician Bo Xilai:

Warning - graphic photos - uk article reflects the killing of Springbok:

BeforeItsNews post explains the big picture problem in terms of conservation, mislabeling of food for sale, and illegal trade of threatened species:

Wikipedia describes the big picture problem too:
for example it includes a press release describing:
A 2013 study analysed samples of game meat from South African supermarkets, wholesalers, and other outlets. It was found that some types of biltong labelled "kudu", "springbok", or "ostrich" were made of hartebeest. Of 146 samples, 100 were mislabelled, which revealed a great problem in meat labelling in South Africa.[71]
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