Sep 19, 2013

Hong Kong: Steps taken to Protect Sharks and Bluefin Tuna

Hong Kong Takes Steps to Protect Sharks and Bluefin Tuna

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Subject: Hong Kong Takes Steps to Protect Sharks and Bluefin Tuna

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Hong Kong Takes Steps to Protect Sharks and Bluefin Tuna
Hong Kong Takes Steps to Protect Sharks and Bluefin Tuna
The government of Hong Kong has issued guidelines that end the serving of shark fin and bluefin tuna at official functions. With its announcement, Hong Kong, which is the world's largest shark fin market, has taken a global leadership role in the protection of these vulnerable species. Effective implementation and enforcement will help protect these important predators for future generations.
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A Big Victory for Little Fish
In a big step for the little fish that sustain a healthy ocean, West Coast fishery managers have voted unanimously to incorporate several species of unmanaged forage fish into existing fishery management plans. This decision sets a path toward full protection of many of the forage species that form a key link in the marine food web and serve as food for iconic species such as salmon.
Read why this is an important step for U.S. fisheries management on the Idaho Statesman website »
'Most Wanted' List from Interpol Targets Illegal Fishing
The Snake, a 70-meter fishing vessel with a long history of violating international fisheries laws, has the dubious distinction of receiving Interpol's first "purple notice" for illegal fishing vessels. As part of its partnership with Norway and with Pew, the international police organization's Project SCALE works to target vessels suspected of engaging in illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing.
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Featured Video Marine Reserves Work
In a new video, environmental advocate Philippe Cousteau urges support for Bermuda's Blue Halo and its legacy to the world.
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Urge NOAA to Strengthen Proposed Bluefin Tuna Protections Urge NOAA to Strengthen Proposed Bluefin Tuna Protections
Join Pew in calling for greater protections for bluefin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Eastern Seaboard, fair quota allocations, increased monitoring of the surface longline fleet, and an end to the waste of this species.
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The Book Cliffs of Utah
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