Nov 21, 2013

USA: Baiting, trapping, and killing marine life---CONTACT NOAA

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From: Kevin Curtis, <>
Date: Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 6:12 AM
Subject: Baited and killed

Fishermen are killing Atlantic bluefin tuna at shocking rates. Urge NOAA to protect these "tigers of the sea" before it's too late.
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Atlantic bluefin tuna are being recklessly killed – populations have already dropped by 64%!
Take action today!
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Unless we stop wasteful and destructive longline fishing, these magnificent fish are in danger of extinction.
Liz -
Atlantic bluefin tuna are considered the "tigers of the sea" for their remarkable speed, their killer hunting abilities and their impressive size – a single fish can weigh up to 1,500 pounds!
But these big fish have a truly huge problem - LONGLINES.
Surface longlines float in the water, stretching up to 40 miles and strung with hundreds of baited hooks that dangle down into the ocean, snagging any creatures that show an interest in their bait, including severely depleted bluefin tuna.
Time is running out to stop this careless, deadly practice – we only have until 12/10 to convince NOAA to protect bluefin tuna.
Unfortunately, longlines not only catch and kill swordfish and other "target" fish, but also bluefin tuna and 80 other unfortunate "non-target" species in the process.
This shockingly careless method of fishing is taking a toll – Atlantic bluefin tuna populations have already declined by as much as 64%!
Don't leave bluefin tuna dangling on these deadly longlines – urge NOAA to take the measures needed to protect these incredible fish before the 12/10 deadline for public comments.
Last year, surface longline fishermen were required to throw back, dead, almost 25% of the U.S. bluefin tuna catch. Worse yet, much of this tragic waste took place in the Gulf of Mexico, a documented spawning ground for western Atlantic bluefin tuna.
Earlier this year, more than 190,000 friends of bluefin tuna urged NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to protect these impressive fish from wasteful surface longline fishing.
NOAA responded by releasing proposed measures to protect this incredible fish but their proposal does not go far enough to truly protect the tuna – more changes are needed!
Add your voice now to call for greater bluefin tuna protections in the Gulf of Mexico and off North Carolina, fair bluefin quota allocations, increased monitoring of the longline fleet, and an end of the sickening waste of this incredible fish.
Kevin Curtis
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