Nov 22, 2013

USA & beyond: Sign Up to Distribute Free Endangered Species Condoms

Endangered species condoms

From: Center for Biological Diversity <>
Date: Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 12:33 PM
Subject: Sign Up to Distribute Free Endangered Species Condoms

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Center for Biological Diversity
Dear Liz,
Endangered species condoms
By New Year's Eve the Center for Biological Diversity will have given away half a million condoms as part of our innovative Population and Sustainability program. That's at least a million conversations we've started about human population growth and the species extinction crisis.

To hit that milestone, we're giving away 25,000 of our free Endangered Species Condoms before the end of the year -- and we need your help. These witty, award-winning condom packages feature six species threatened by our human population's massive number -- now topping 7 billion -- and are packed with great info to get those conversations started.

We're looking for 300 volunteers to help us distribute these condoms in every state across the country next month. We want them handed out at office parties, community events, family gatherings, churches, libraries, college campuses -- anywhere to start a conversation about this important issue.

If you want to be a volunteer distributor this holiday season please sign up today. The deadline to volunteer is Friday, Dec. 6. Even if you've signed up in the past, you'll need to sign up again to be a part of this special giveaway. And make sure to include your current mailing address so we can send you a box of condom packages if you're selected.

Every condom handed out is the start of a new conversation about the devastating effect rampant human population growth has on other species. Sign up now, and help get people talking about the extinction crisis and how we can help save panthers, polar bears, hellbenders, dwarf seahorses -- and humans.


Taralynn Reynolds
Population and Sustainability Organizer

P.S. We'd love to hear your plans for how you'd share Endangered Species Condoms in your area. Sign up before Friday, Dec. 6 to tell us your ideas.

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Endangered species condoms design (c) Lori Lieber and artwork (c) Roger Peet.

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