Jan 5, 2014

Sweden: Stop the Feb 1, 2014 wolf hunt - There are only 200 wolves left.

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    1. Sweden won’t stop killing the endangered wolves.

    3. So, first licensed wolf hunt in Sweden since 2011 is set for February 1, 2014. Up to 30 wolves (not including the ones they shoot illegally, or by using an excuse of self-defense for domestic animals etc, which is a law very often abused by hunters) could be shot to cull their numbers from the current level of 200 down to 170. (Of course, many pups will die without their mothers) so the number of remaining wolves will end up much lower than officials are letting on.
    5. Gov and pro hunting groups inflate the number of existing wolves to around 350, when in fact they have not included the recent kill of of 44 wolves, as well as the illegal ones that are never recorded. Experts say the number is closer to 200-225 wolves.
    7. The gray wolf is still an endangered species in Sweden. Hunting an endangered animal is a crime under the rules if the European Commission: This is purely to satisfy the blood lust of some hunters who think this is a sport they are entitled to, as well as Swedish Gov officials securing votes. Many in Swedish Gov are hunters themselves, such as environmental minister Lena Ek and rural minister Eskil Erlandsson.
    9. It’s time to let the Swedish Gov know this is not o.k. It’s time to let the world know this is how Sweden treats endangered animals.  It’s time to save these last remaining wolves from extinction.
    11. The goal: Get #SaveSwedensWolves trending.  Get news coverage and exposure. Get people talking. Swedish officials need to feel a little more pressure and know that the world is keeping tabs on them.

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