Jan 19, 2014

World: Call to action re 200 #Taiji dolphins starved 3 days, to be killed imminently

The fishermen do this very brutal round-up for the money that derives from all over the world. Some people can watch dolphins in a tank at marine parks, some "play" with them in a tank, and some people can eat them. Dolphins are marine mammals, breathe air, enjoy their families and the freedom of the wide ocean. Fishermen run over them with their skiffs in the confinement, starve them, let them get entangled in the nets, and break up families so they can use them for display or human consumption. There is no use of "humane" methods of killing.

#tweet4taiji – CALL TO ACTION 1/19/14 Please download list of 400 Twitter handles for the media worldwide and tweet global outrage for 200 dolphins starved 3 days & today facing death. Watch 6AM UTC bit.ly/1595EQr http://t.co/Gp9RpOj8zG