Jan 19, 2014

Wyoming & beyond: USA Government will poison 16,000 prairie dogs and reduce available habitat to this species they are supposedly protecting!

photo image by dee37 at Morguefile
The Thunder Basin National Grassland, a 547,000-acre so-called protected area in northeastern Wyoming, is home to an estimated 16,000 prairie dogs whom the U.S. Forest Service plans to poison. This US agency has apparently caved under pressure from Wyoming Governor Matt Mead who is in turn catering to livestock raisers/killers despite their outmoded thinking. Thunder Basin officials intend to do it even though they also have declared plans to improve prairie dog habitat! Their method will also likely kill eagles and a lot of other wildlife in the affected area. They are all the while going to be squandering taxpayer dollars for nothing. 

As seen at TakePart.com, follow the link to Richard Conniff's article about the US Government's POINTLESS PLAN TO POISON PRAIRIE DOGS:

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