Jul 29, 2014

off Boston MA: Whale watching tour boat gets entangled in mooring cable

There is no need to intrude on whales or to leave cables around.

Click for story as it appears at WBTW-TV News:

Boat passengers tell of night stranded off Boston - WBTW-TV 
"The whale watch, one of the most popular summer tourist attractions in the Boston area, came to an abrupt stop Monday afternoon after one of the propellers on the 83-foot passenger boat Cetacea apparently became entangled with a cable that moors large vessels, such as liquefied natural gas tankers, Coast Guard Petty Officer Robert Simpson said. Earlier reports said the boat got hung up on a lobster trap rope."
(AP Photo/Boston Herald, Mark Garfinkel). Passengers stand on deck of the whale watch boat Cetacea as it docks Tuesday morning July 29, 2014 at Long Wharf in Boston

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