Aug 15, 2014

Civilization: It's Shark Week: Help protect sharks now

Ocean White Tip

From: "The Pew Charitable Trusts" <>
Date: Aug 14, 2014 11:51 AM
Subject: It's Shark Week: Help protect sharks now

Tell President Obama to protect shark habitats » View Online
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Quiz: Can You Tell Shark Fact From Fiction?
Just in time for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, put your shark smarts to the test. Answer true-or-false questions to see how much you know about the more than 500 species of this majestic animal in the world.
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Shark Attack Survivor Now Fights For Sharks
When Debbie Salamone was mauled by a shark 10 years ago, she vowed to eat shark steak on every anniversary of the attack. But as she learned more about these creatures, she discovered a new purpose for her life: advocating for them.
Her inspiring story »
Friday: Shark Attack Survivor Twitter Chat
What is it like to be a shark attack survivor who now fights for shark conservation? Join @pewenvironment at 2 p.m. ET tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 15, for a live Twitter chat to ask shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder (@pauldegelder) about the work he does to keep the ocean full of sharks.
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Action Alert
Take action: Urge President Obama to protect crucial shark habitats by expanding and fully protecting the Pacific Remote Islands.
Sign the petition for sharks »
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Ocean White Tip

Scalloped hammerheads, like the one pictured, were the first sharks listed as an endangered species by the United States. Celebrate Shark Week by learning why sharks are at risk and how Pew is working to protect them. See photos, videos, and more »
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HuffPost Live covered the real-life stories of shark attack survivors-turned-shark advocates.
Watch "I Was Attacked by a Shark, Now I Want to Save Them" »
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