Aug 13, 2014

Maine & beyond: 200,000 Mainers are about to hear our Bear ad

From: Aaron Myran, Environmental Action <>
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 8:12 AM
Subject: 200,000 Mainers are about to hear our bear ad
Maine is the last state in the country to allow bear dogging, baiting and trapping. In 2013 alone, hunters dumped 7 million pounds of food (mainly spoiled donuts and sweets) in Maine's woods to lure shy black bears out of hiding.* Shooting bears as they eat rotten food is not only unsporting and cruel, but changes the eating patterns of dozens of species in Maine's habitats.
The Maine Bear Hunting Ban Initiative would outlaw the most cruel and unusual forms of bear hunting, and protect bears and other species. But the initiative is tied in a statistical dead-heat right now, a few hundred vote could tip it in favor of the bears, or in favor of the hunters.*
We've launched an ambitious radio campaign to convince Mainers to support the bear hunting ban. Click here to listen to the ad and read about our plans to get out the vote this fall in support of bear conservation.

Our Radio Ad

For the lions, tigers and bears, oh my,
Aaron and the rest of the Environmental Action team
P.S. If we can raise another $1,500 by the end of the week, we can double the number of times each listener hears our message over the radio. Please chip in to help end bear dogging, baiting and trapping in Maine.

* Sides spending big on ads for Maine's vote on bear hunting, Portland Press Herald. Eric Russel, July 18
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