Aug 26, 2014

Rainforests & beyond: Campaign to end PepsiCo's use of Conflict Palm Oil is on a roll

From: "Ashley Schaeffer Yildiz, Rainforest Action Network" <>
Date: Aug 25, 2014 12:37 PM
Subject: Thanks

Rainforest Action Network
Dear Liz,

Thanks to you, our campaign to end PepsiCo's use of Conflict Palm Oil is on a roll. I'm writing today to say thanks and to let you know about the next steps you can take to help push PepsiCo to change.

First, thousands of you have taken to Twitter to jam PepsiCo's #LiveForNow summer marketing campaign. Thank you! Keep it up! Something as simple as taking a selfie with one of our signs calling Pepsi out is already having a big impact. Please keep up the pressure on Twitter and continue to demand change using the hashtag #LiveForNow.

The second big thing this week is the launch of our new website, satirizing Pepsi's own home page. Check out the spoof site, filled with pictures of activists like you demanding change, at After you do, please share it far and wide.

We're not even close to done yet, and with your help, we'll keep up the pressure and push PepsiCo to change. As part of our push, we're offering a training this Wednesday at 4:00 PM Pacific with our digital team to help you learn more about campaigning for social change using Twitter. Twitter has been a great tool for activists to use to publicly demand change from massive corporations like PepsiCo, so if you'd like to learn more, I hope you'll join us for this online training.

This campaign is gaining momentum and speed -- thanks for all you do, for the forests and the planet. Let's keep up the pressure and ensure that Pepsi adopts a conflict-free palm oil policy.

Ashley Schaeffer Yildiz,
Responsible Food Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network