Aug 26, 2014

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Date: Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Their Turn: Daily AR Headl
Their Turn: Daily AR Headlines
Fresh Direct Responds:  "Fresher when Cooked Alive"
On Monday, we reported that grocery giant Fresh Direct is making home deliveries of live lobsters, and we suggested that people ask the company to stop. Apparently, Fresh Direct thinks that avoiding "tougher meat" is an acceptable justification for cooking an animal while he or she is still alive. Read more.
Aspen Art Museum Shuts down  iPad-toting Tortoise Exhibit
The good news is that the tortoises have been sent to a sanctuary in a warmer climate. The bad news is that the international publicity generated by this controversy could trigger other artists and museums to use animals as a way of drawing attention to themselves. Read more.
Update: TheirTurn  Subscriber Creates Petition to Protest Deer Fur Designer
After reading our post about a designer who makes purses and iPad cases out of deer skin, Elizabeth Ohlendorf of Sacramento, California, created a petition demanding that Rosemary Hobrough stop hunting deer to make accessories and asking that consumers boycott her online store. Sign the petition. Read more.
Owner Buries Carriage  Horse Before Investigation
A carriage horse named Freddie, who worked in and around Boston, collapsed and died in the street on Sunday in front of "visibly shaken up onlookers." The state Dept. of Agricultural Resources said that Freddie "could be exhumed" if necessary. Read more.
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