Aug 31, 2014

USA & beyond: Consumer Drones are Obnoxious

Boulevard Park [image source: Parks & Recreation]

A few Sundays ago, I passed some men flying their toy drones at Boulevard Park. While other people tried to read, play with their toddlers, view the scenery or otherwise enjoy the park, the obnoxious buzz of drones interrupted all. The intrusion on the airspace and over the bay probably annoyed the seagulls and other critters as well.

In New York, Senator Charles Schumer called for federal rules on drone use, per this report by CBS.  I would agree with him.

Recently a post by TheDodo showed a drone-captured film of pod Orcas swimming. I highly doubt the Orcas appreciated the alien buzz overhead.

August 18, 2014 CBC.CA Radio 2 reported a Vancouver-British Columbia resident filed a complaint with Police regarding a peeping drone outside his 36th floor condo. He even took a YouTube video of it. The news report says, "The VPD say there have been 10 complaints about drones since May." Surpisingly, the resident does not necessarily think drones should be regulated---he simply tweeted that "the future is creepy." Creepy is so now.