Sep 2, 2014

Everywhere: Urgent! Take Action Today for Endangered Wolves in WA!

Greedy, out-of-control, negligent sheep owners don't have the right to kill wildlife, much less use the Government to do their killing for them!

Washington State Governor Inslee gave stay of execution over the weekend for Huckleberry wolf pack but please APPLY PRESSURE TODAY 9/2/14! 

Click to view Center for Biological Diversity urgent appeal:

With Huckleberry Wolf Pack in Crosshairs, Conservation Groups Appeal to Gov. Inslee to Require Rules Limiting Killing of Washington's Endangered Wolves

Huckleberry pack pups
Photo of Huckleberry pack pups from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Sharing from the Facebook page of Protecting Endangered Species (thanks to Amy Pruett for sharing):

A temporary stay was granted over the weekend, but final decisions are not made. Please keep emails, letters and tweets going and resume with calls on Tuesday. 

Please continue to keep up the message to save Washington's Huckleberry Pack by asking officials to revoke their kill order on this pack
1 - Email Governor Inslee **today** at or and then call him first thing Tuesday morning at 360-902-4111.
2 - Email Director of WDFW Phil Anderson and then call on Tuesday at 360 902-2200 ext 8
3 - If you tweet, copy/paste - @WDFW @GovInslee Killing the Wedge pack in 2012 cost taxpayers $76,500 and serious black eye; rescind kill order on ‪#‎HuckleberryPack‬
4 - Post a comment on WDFW here -
5 - Post on Gov. Jay Inslee FB page; (4) Email Gov Inslee at
6 - Sign letter from Cascadia Wildlands -


The sheep need to be moved. Now!
- This wolf pack has denned 3-4 miles from this location – on reservation land, but still that close – for the last 3 years and WDFW knew it.
 - The terrain the sheep were being grazed in should not have been used for sheep grazing; it’s rugged terrain, there’s 1800 sheep spread out all over the place; the sheep owner had his shepherd quit a month ago so the sheep had only 4 guard dogs out there with them and no human presence and even then, 1 shepherd for 1800 sheep is not enough; there should be more shepherds out there.
- The Department said a week ago the sheep were being moved right then to a new location; but the sheep still haven’t been moved.
 - The Department said a range rider would be on site on Aug 15 – he did not get out there until late the night of Aug 20 and so was not out monitoring until Aug 21, 6 days later.
- The Department said they had staff on site – but staff went home 1-2 nights in the midst of all this.
 - The Department did not accept an offer from a conservation group early on of special lights that help deter predators.
- The Department did not accept an offer from WA State Univ researchers early on to come help with nonlethal measures and help sheep carcasses out that would be drawing in wolves.
 - The Department showcased only their limited nonlethal efforts on the TV news.

Thanks to Amaroq Weiss from the Center for Biological Diversity for above talking points!

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