Sep 6, 2014

WA: Slight reprieve. Remaining Huckleberry Wolves Safe Temporarily From Execution

WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife killed the matriarch wolf last week. There is a slight reprieve for remaining members of the pack.

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Subject: Huckleberry Wolves Safe From Execution -- for Now

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Huckleberry Wolves -- Safe for Now
Dear Liz,

The helicopters are gone. So are the traps. Over Labor Day weekend, Washington state officials called off the hunt for the Huckleberry pack -- and yesterday they announced they won't resume trapping or aerial gunning at this time. Meanwhile the sheep operator is moving the flock to winter grounds -- away from the pack.

But the Huckleberry family isn't out of the woods yet, and neither are the rest of Washington's magnificent wolves. The Center for Biological Diversity's lawyers, scientists and activists are working to make sure this tragedy isn't repeated.

Your donation to the Predator Defense Fund will help us stay engaged in this fight.

The good news is your phone calls and emails to the governor made a real difference. After the governor called the state wildlife agency asking for an explanation, the agency pulled its traps and marksmen from the woods. And Governor Inslee is now meeting with conservation groups about this fiasco.

We're hoping the governor will take the next step and make the state's wolf plan legally enforceable to set hard legal limits on when wolves can be killed. Your donation to the Predator Defense Fund will help us work the legal and political channels to make that happen.

The survival of the Huckleberry pack will help ensure a future for wolves in the Northwest, but this reprieve won't stop the killing. Any wolf that crosses the nearby border into Idaho can be hunted for sport. And any other Washington pack targeted by a rancher may in turn be put on the list for extermination. That's why the Center's campaign to make the Washington wolf plan legally enforceable is so critical.

Once again, please make an emergency gift to our Predator Defense Fund. By donating and forwarding this message to a friend, you'll help us keep the pressure on Washington's wildlife officials as they make crucial decisions about their wolves' future.

For the wild,
Kierán Suckling
Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

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Photo of Huckleberry pack pups courtesy Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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