Sep 11, 2014

USA: Tell EPA: Our Ocean's Not a Dump for Fracking

From: "Center for Biological Diversity" <>
Date: Sep 9, 2014 9:06 AM
Subject: Tell EPA: Our Ocean's Not a Dump for Fracking

Center for Biological Diversity

Dear Liz,

Sea otter
The agency charged with protecting our environment is failing to do its job, and we need your help to right this wrong. Off California's coast the EPA has been letting oil companies dump up to 9 billion gallons of toxic fracking wastewater directly into the ocean every year.

Many of the nearly 250 chemicals used in fracking wells are toxic to people and to wildlife like whales, dolphins and sea otters. Some chemicals are known carcinogens; others cause immune and nervous-system damage. Still others hover in the shadowy category called "unknown" -- oil companies say their contents are trade secrets, and the EPA blindly agrees to assume they're harmless.

We can't let this dumping continue. If you wouldn't drink well water tainted by fracking fluids, surely no animal should have to live in such water.
Act now to tell the EPA to do its job and bring an immediate ban to the discharge of toxic fracking chemicals off the coasts of Southern California and the Gulf of Mexico.
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Photo of sea otter courtesy Flickr/Laura R.

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