Feb 1, 2017

WA: Legislators Consider Increased Barrel Tax To Bolster Oil Safety And Accountability

photo taken March 2, 2015 near Prosser WA
(source: WA State Dept. of Ecology)
see article at KNKX.org in link below

Legislators are trying to counter the specter of more oil spills. Please encourage these legislators! Be vigilant too when new oil projects are attempted to be shimmied through without the public's awareness. Two proposed bills are discussed (audio included) in this article by KNKX.org: http://www.tinyurl.com/h7lfe49

I noticed in watching the excellent 2014 documentary "The Great Invisible" directed by Margaret Brown that none of the safety concerns surrounding the 2010 Deepwater Horizon tragedy have been addressed by BP and the other oil companies represented by CEOs including Rex Tillerson who testified before Congressional committees. Furthermore there are even more oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico than before the disaster. Between pipelines, oil trains, tankers, oil rigs and other dangerous activities I see in the media, I get the impression that this cavalier attitude towards safety is "the norm."