Jan 4, 2018

The Women’s March was just the beginning

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From: Women's March <anniversary@womensmarch.com>
Date: Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 9:15 AM
Subject: The Women's March was just the beginning

It's almost our one-year anniversary—and while we will be bringing our power to the polls in Las Vegas on January 21, Women's March state organizers are holding marches, rallies and actions throughout the anniversary weekend.

Many people thought the Women's March was the peak moment of the resistance. But it wasn't—It was just the beginning. The weekend of January 20-21, we will gather again, in Las Vegas and in cities and towns across the country. Because our resistance is stronger than ever.
We've created a map of all of the official Women's March events taking place on January 20 and 21 to help you find a Women's March anniversary event near you! And if you can't find one in your state, use this tool to host one!

2017 was the Year of Women. 2018 will be too.

In community,
Women's March
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