Feb 5, 2019

B.C., Canada: 239 Pigs suffered from deadly 1 AM truck turnover on highway 1/4/19. RCMP reported to be investigating | Globalnews.ca

It was a triple-decker truck on the way from #Alberta to a slaughter house in #BritishColumbia. The trucker interviewed in the video says it wasn't his fault, but even if so a somewhat humane observer would wonder why does the greed industry require so many pigs onboard, driving overnight, and no heat or other "comforts" for the #pigs during journey to their likewise brutal deaths? The whole industry, government regulators, and consuming public are at fault. I doubt that we will see an #RCMP report in the news 😥.  Happy Year of the Pig  #CNY2019 #YearofthePig #Govegan #vegan #bekind #greenindustries