Sep 5, 2019

World: Concerns about 5G

Yesterday I sent a short message (herebelow) to my city council in the USA re concerns about the 5G rollout in our town. Everyone can do their own research which is easy due to 4G and previous generations.  A helpful post is: and the blogger's other posts on the subject such as the ones about locating antennas near you and how to find an emf-free home. It is important to add that (1) time is of the essence should you choose to advocate for removal or a moratorium (2) determine which governmental agencies are captured and (3) team with other advocates to lighten the load and be as effective as possible. The monied forces are clever and powerful.  There are alternatives, however, and communities that have stood up to 5G.

Sent September 4, 2019:


Please refer to the link below that goes to a post by the Boulder CO radio station

USA states that have so far been convinced about transferring their power and the power of the people to the wireless industry can be convinced to reverse what they did. Municipalities can do what is their mandate to do, i.e. adhere to the precautionary principle and uphold the rights of their citizens to be well-served and protected from harm.

Please listen to the 10-minute podcast contained in the post; it summarizes (what took ~4 years to produce) the 156-page scientific paper, published in December 2018 and a link to which is also contained in the post.

Besides 5G small cell antennas very possibly causing dire harm to residents, business people, livestock operations, developers, students and the entire ecosystem, it potentially could cause egregious harm to government and sanitation workers who spend all their work lives along utility  areas.

Liz Marshall