Nov 14, 2019

North Dakota and North America and Ocean: 378,000 gallons of the 'dirtiest oil on the planet' spilled and Drumpf wants more?

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From: NRDC – Anthony Swift <>
Date: Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 12:32 PM
Subject: 378,000 gallons of the 'dirtiest oil on the planet' spilled – and Trump wants more?
NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Stop Trump From Moving Forward With Keystone XL

President Trump is illegally moving forward with plans to review the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Help stop him.

Dear liz,

It happened again.

Just two weeks ago, the Keystone Pipeline leaked over 378,000 gallons of toxic tar sands crude — the "dirtiest oil on the planet" — into a wetland in North Dakota.

This was the twenty-first time Keystone has spilled on American soil since 2010.

Yet, despite this, the Trump administration is moving forward with plans to build another tar sands pipeline, the infamous, ill-fated Keystone XL — which would carry even more dirty, dangerous tar sands oil through America's heartland.

Trump's State Department just published an updated draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Keystone XL. They're accepting public comments on this review until November 18.

Take a stand NOW: Submit an official public comment reminding President Trump of overwhelming public opposition to the disastrous Keystone XL pipeline.

The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would carry 830,000 barrels per day of dirty tar sands crude oil from Canada's boreal forests through the heart of America to the Gulf of Mexico.

The North Dakota tar sands spill is just the latest incident casting serious doubts on whether tar sands can ever be safely transported or cleaned up when spilled.

The Keystone XL pipeline is also a ticking climate time bomb. Tar sands crude oil releases significantly more greenhouse gas than conventional oil, so this pipeline would pull us further away from a clean energy future — and derail progress in the fight against climate change.

This pipeline would be devastating to our environment and wildlife, to our global climate and drinking water supplies, and to local and Indigenous communities. We cannot allow this dangerous project to ever see the light of day.

Stand with NRDC and the millions of Americans who oppose dirty energy — tell the Trump administration to stop Keystone XL.

NRDC and our partner groups have been fighting, and winning, against Keystone XL for over a decade. Overwhelming public opposition convinced President Obama to reject the pipeline in 2015. But President Trump — at the behest of his oil industry patrons — is trying to bring it back from the dead.

Last year we won several federal court victories that blocked construction on Keystone XL. The court ruled that the Trump State Department's original environmental review was flawed and outdated, and required the State Department to issue this new draft environmental review. But the State Department's analysis can't hide what we already know: Keystone XL would be a disaster for our planet.

We will keep fighting tooth-and-nail for as long as it takes to kill the Keystone XL pipeline. But right now, we need concerned NRDC activists to send a message to the Trump administration that it should scrap this dangerous project once and for all.

Can we count on you to add your voice to this crucial fight?

Anthony Swift
Canada Project Director, NRDC

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