Nov 23, 2019

World: Best Shielding Materials Against EMFs?

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From: Nick Pineault <>
Date: Fri, Nov 15, 2019, 3:07 AM
Subject: Friday Q&A: Best Shielding Materials Against EMFs?

Time for another edition of this weekly-ish Q&A session.
Today, Brandon asks:
"What material is effective to protect us from EMFs?"
Good question Brandon, but the answer is charged to say the least. I'll try to be concise.
First things first -- after years of studying EMFs, I'm convinced that 99.9% of people (this probably includes you and me) shouldn't play around with shielding materials without the help of a qualified EMF professional.
By "Qualified EMF Professional", I mean:
- A Shielded Healing consultant
- A Geovital consultant
There are other types of EMF professionals, and if they have at least several years of experience and good testimonials you can probably go for it.
There are several reasons I'm really not fond of people purchasing and installing their own shielding materials at the home or office:
1) Most people don't own the expensive EMF meters (such as those from the Gigahertz Solutions line) required to do a proper EMF assessment and really know what they're being exposed to.
Depending on a lot of factors including the angle at which the signal is coming from (for example, from a specific cell tower nearby), the building materials used where you live, and the frequencies you're being exposed to… your shielding materials needs might vary greatly.
Also, meters are ESSENTIAL to assess whether your shielding job (such as applying shielding paint to a bedroom + EMF-blocking curtains) has been done correctly.
I heard from several let's say "EMF-amateurs" who ended up finding that the materials they used to shield their home in fact increased their EMF exposure and made them feel worse! (+ they flushed thousands down the drain)
2) There's very rarely a "one-size-fits-all" solution to your EMF problems. Again, refer to my first point above.
The interactions between dozens of cell towers, wifi routers, cell phones, utility so-called "smart" meters, and interconnected wireless sensors and gizmos are complicated... and that's why people can spend a lifetime studying and learning how to properly apply shielding materials.
So all that being said, there are several types of materials that can be used in certain situations:
- Good old tin foil (seriously)
- Fabric lined with silver, copper and/or stainless steel
- Mesh made out of different kinds of metals
- Shielding paint, such as the T98 Alpha from Geovital, or the YShield
- G-iron flex to shield against magnetic fields (several other materials exist, but I've been told shielding against magnetic fields is generally a losing battle, and an expensive one)
All that to say that there's no magic bullet when it comes to shielding yourself against EMFs.
Find a consultant to work with. Have them assess which materials would work best considering your specific EMF situation and your budget. Purchase materials from their prefered source; you might have access to better prices.
If you still want to explore shielding by yourself, then Safe Living Technologies ( is a great website to visit if you order from the US or Canada.
I hope this helps!
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