Jan 15, 2020

World: from Nick Pineault the EMF Guy "Okay, my book is basically wrong..."

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From: Nick Pineault <hello@nontinfoilemf.com>
Date: Wed, Jan 15, 2020, 3:03 AM
Subject: Okay, my book is basically wrong...

The book I wrote back in 2017, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, has now officially been proven wrong.
You see, one of the things I wanted to achieve with this book is to have a "balanced" approach towards the kind-of-daunting topic of EMF radiation.
Some say the radiation emitted by phones, tablets, towers and wifi routers is harmless… and some say it's very harmful. Therefore, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Job done.
But since my book came out, I've realized that the truth is way more damning than I wanted to initially admit.
Since 2017, so many things have been reinforcing the idea that EMFs are a very serious health hazard that it's hard to believe anyone sane can still cling to the idea that they are perfectly safe…
Some examples:
1) Are EMFs a carcinogen? The portrait is getting worse, and worse, and worse...
In 2011, the World Health Organization classified radiofrequency EMFs (read: Bluetooth, wifi, cell phones, etc.) as a Class 2B "possible" carcinogen. But since that initial classification, SO many major studies have come out to reinforce the idea that they should really be re-classified as a Class 2A "probable" or even a Class 1 "known" carcinogen -- next to asbestos and tobacco smoke.
The massive US NTP study which finally released its final conclusions in 2018 is one of them. After investing $30M in taxpayers money and more than 10 years of work, the NTP has shown "clear evidence" that radiofrequency is a carcinogen in rats. (1)
The FDA and industry alike have swept this study under the rug, using laughable and unscientific statements like "rat studies don't apply to humans" (yes they do… studying rats is the freaking golden standard of toxicological research!!!!).
But the reality is that the peer-review group UPGRADED many of the NTP's original conclusions -- in plain English… this group of 100% independent experts reviewed the data and concluded that the results were WORSE than what the researchers wanted to admit. (2)
The downlow is that as top epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Miller has been saying for a while now: "there is sufficient evidence that Radiofrequency radiation is carcinogenic to humans (IARC Category 1)." It's only a matter of time before it happens -- unless Big Wireless isn't able to lobby their way out of it for another 20 years, of course.
2) Antibiotic-resistance from your wifi router? Oops!
In my book, I cited this one study by Taheri et al. in 2017 which showed that certain strains of E. coli might become more resistant to antibiotics when exposed to wifi routers or cell phones. (3)
Since 2017, a few more researchers have performed similar experiments using wifi, cell phones or higher frequencies which might be used by the new 5G networks, and came to similar conclusions. (4)
Of course, what is especially concerning is that these effects (more antibiotic resistance, less antibiotic resistance, or no effect) vary greatly depending on what type of bacteria is being exposed, what power density is being used, what frequency is being used, and a thousand different factors.
The reality is that we're essentially "flying blind" (to cite Senator Blumenthal) (5) when it comes to how wireless radiation really impacts the human microbiome or how it can make the bad bugs even stronger… and that these effects are, once again, completely ignored in the safety discussion.
3) Your phone emits up to 10X more radiation than was previously thought… (or more)
Not one, not two, but 3 different organizations have now independently found that pretty much all phones greatly exceed the current EMF safety guidelines… guidelines which are FAR from being safe in the first place!
These organizations have each found that when phones are held directly on the ear, or right on the body -- for example in your pocket -- you're asking for real trouble:
Phonegate Alert: 9 out of 10 phones tested by the French authorities back in 2015 (and beyond) exceeded the RF-EMF regulatory thresholds in Europe, with some of them exceeding the threshold by more than 10-fold… (6)
CBC Marketplace: Independently tested phones without the separation usually used by manufacturers found that some of them exceeded the limit by up to 4-fold. (7)
The Chicago Tribune: Same thing. The iPhone 7, for example, exceeded the FCC's SAR regulatory threshold of 1.6 W/kg by more than 4-fold too! (8)
Keeping a phone in your pocket, in your bra, or using it anywhere else near your body is definitely not safe -- in fact it's more dangerous than ever, and getting even more dangerous with the upcoming advent of 5G-enabled phones.
Hey, I'm not here to scare you -- but the reality around EMF safety is scary, and getting more concerning every single year.
In 2020, it is more critical than EVER to educate yourself on the topic -- for example by reading and sharing the #1 best-rated EMF book in the world -- The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs. Remember: It's still 15% off during this limited-time "book update celebration event":
Please share this widely with people you care about… their health and the health of their children is really at play here. Don't do like I did and downplay the risks.

4. One of them is https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6820025/ -- there are a few of them when it comes to how millimeter waves (mmW) affect antibiotic resistance, but I don't have time to list them out here -- thanks for bearing with me!
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