Feb 18, 2020

Everywhere: Stop putting poison down. It kills birds and others too.

Cooper's Hawk waiting for all clear
Last week I saw a Cooper's Hawk in the yard of the apartment complex where I reside. It was eating what I believe was a pigeon. There is rat poison where I live. I have passed info on about the dangers of bait boxes but unfortunately my words are not necessarily considered.

Here are views from the 2/11/20 sighting
on the south edge of downtown Bellingham WA.

The following video is nearly a minute. The bird flies up from the food upon noticing the approaching dog. Note the dog doo at 8:00. Very sad about people not picking up their dogs' poop. https://photos.app.goo.gl/P5zyC7cZfg8GKuES6

A 2+minute video shows the Cooper's Hawk waiting to see whether the woman with her dog will return (sadly there are many such duos from nearby complexes who come to ours because their apartment complexes don't have yards). Then the bird goes back to the prey to continue eating after the interruption.

This is a still photo of the bird's silhouette while s/he watches out for dog. It shows the white on chest: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NP59FT2kfwV8VzXV6

The following link explains the serious problem in putting rat poison down:

The following page has photos and info re the Cooper's Hawk species:

Please promote integrative gardening and groundskeeping where you live, work, shop and vote so that the horrible deaths wrought upon wildlife by humans' needless and cruel use of rodenticides stops.