Feb 17, 2020

Everywhere: How to Reduce Blue Light Emitted By Your iPhone [VIDEO] | the EMF Guy

image by IO-Images at Pixabay
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Subject: How to Reduce Blue Light Emitted By Your iPhone [VIDEO]

I'm sharing this video again, since I'm sure there are still a LOT of my readers who haven't taken the time to set this up on their iPhone.
In case you haven't heard, modern screens emit a large amount of light in the blue spectrum which is detrimental to your eye health, disrupts your sleep and is an overall health hazard.
The good news is that there is a way to turn your iPhone screen completely red like this:
It takes a few seconds to setup when you follow my tutorial below, and you can always turn your screen back to its original color if you want to see real colors when you take a photo or watch a video. (To the risk of sounding like a broken record make sure to reduce your phone use as much as you can unless it's on Airplane mode!)
In one of the most popular videos in my YouTube "How To" series, I'll show you how this all works.
Enjoy the info,
PS -- I recommend Android users to use the "Twilight" app, which can do pretty much the same thing.
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