Feb 4, 2020

UK & beyond: The reality of trophy hunting

You can take quick action even outside UK. Thank you!

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Subject: The reality of trophy hunting

Email your MP today
Dear Liz

Undercover reporters have just revealed how low trophy hunting companies will sink, offering to 
'KNEECAP' leopards by shooting them in the legs first to make it easier for amateur Trophy Hunters to shoot them up close.

British trophy hunter & hunt operator, Carl Knight was among the exhibitors at Europe's largest hunting fair in Germany

The shocking revelations come as hunting groups including the 'Countryside Alliance', the British Association for Shooting & 'Conservation', and Safari Club International launch a major campaign
to try and THWART a proposed ban on trophy hunting imports in the U.K.

Almost 1000 animals are about to be auctioned to bloodthirsty trophy hunters at a huge convention in the US starting tomorrow ... to help raise funds to "defend hunters' rights" and "protect the freedom to

Here's how YOU can help beat the Trophy Hunters and their slick lobbyists:

1. If you are in the U.K.: please message your MP via https://www.writetothem.com/ & ask them to sign 'EDM50 - Ban on Trophy Hunting imports'

2. If you are OUTSIDE the U.K.: please email the U.K. government at huntingtrophyconsultation@defra.gov.uk & say that you support 'Option3 - Total Ban'.

It's as simple as that. It will take you less than a minute - and could help save the lives of countless animals.

In the words of Stanley Johnson, father of the British prime minister who recently addressed a Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting event in Parliament: "Time is of the essence. There is a real impact on
biodiversity as a result of hunting."

9 in 10 people in Britain support our campaign. Let's win this for the animals! Thank you.


Founder, Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting

PS Safari Club International spend over $7 MILLION a YEAR on lobbying to prevent their sick sport from being banned. We are on the verge of a historic ban here in the U.K. - don't let victory slip from our
grasp! Please donate what you can today. Thank you.
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