Mar 21, 2020

Planet Earth: Nature Resources For Home Learning

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With so many recent cancellations of events, travels & social gatherings, what are you going to do with all this extra free time?

If you're looking for stress-free ways to connect with nature from home and in the backyard, here's a list of resources I've created over the years:

General Nature Connection
Complete Guide To Using A Sit Spot In Nature - This is always the first activity I encourage my students to practice because it can be done anywhere and really opens your awareness to exploring natural mysteries.

Sensory Awareness Exercises - This is a fun collection of simple sensory-based meditation techniques & exercises to help you become more present with birds, plants, trees, etc. Sensory awareness is a primary activator for gaining the mind, body & spiritual benefits of nature.

How To Be A Naturalist The Easy Way - An overview of different nature skills that support having fun outdoor adventures to facilitate personal inspiration & discovery.

Easy Guide To Nature Observation - The ability to truly observe nature is both a practical skill that brings cool outdoor encounters, and also a pathway to finding peace, harmony & magic.

Animal Tracking
Cat & Dog Tracks Video - This video breaks down several simple yet typically overlooked track characteristics to help you identify tracks using the common example of cats & dogs.

Where To Find Animal Tracks - If you need help knowing where to look for tracks in your area, this article walks you through several practical steps, including how to identify good tracking spots from your computer (seriously!)

Online Guide To Animal Tracks - If you just want to look at a whole bunch of different tracks, this article has tons of great examples to explore.

Birds & Bird Language
Easy Guide To Understanding Bird Behavior - Birds are constantly telling us what they think and feel by how they behave. This article covers 9 of the most common bird behaviors, with some extra coaching on observing birds.

Beginner's Guide To Bird Language - This is THE master guide I created for learning how birds communicate about danger, and how you can use bird language to locate hawks, cats, owls, coyotes, bears, and generally just know what's happening out in nature before anyone else.

The Bird Language Blueprint - If you really want to go deep with bird language, this is my complete online course that walks you through all the steps from learning the birds to following alarm calls to locate sneaky wildlife… includes a free hour of coaching after you get through the course materials.

Plants, Trees & Ecology
The Plant Identification Cheat Sheet - This cheat sheet walks you through how to observe plants and "key out" the identifying characteristics so you can grow confident plant knowledge.

How To Read The Secrets Of A Forest - One of my most popular video tutorials demonstrating how simple analysis of patterns in nature brings an almost intuitive ability to predict invisible characteristics of any landscape.

14 Types of Plants Everyone Should Know - If you just want to check out pictures of a bunch of common plants, this article is a great compilation of plants that should be at the top of everyone's study list!

For Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents
7 Tips For Connecting Children With Nature - Looking at the key mindsets to help you get the best results with children.

22 Nature Connection Activities For Sharing Nature With Beginners - These activities are incredibly simple & easy to do without even leaving the backyard.

Other Useful Skills
Cloud Types And Weather Prediction Tips - Cloud watching is a very calm & meditative activity. It's amazing how much you can read about the weather by looking at the appearance of clouds.

Nature And The Mind-Body Connection - Nature is both a practical skill, and also a pathway to inner peace & clarity. This article examines how nature benefits the human mind and body.

Easy Guide To Nature & Stress Relief - This article talks about how we can gear our time outside towards relieving anxiety & worries. Nature gives us a chance to rejuvenate & find peace.

I hope you're all staying healthy & happy during this time!

I really appreciate you subscribing to these emails and hopefully my articles, videos & podcasts can help make this time a little more enjoyable for you.


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